If sandals or a belt were purchased at an Eliza B, Leather Man Ltd, Retailer:
If you have a sandal or belt that is defective you may return it to the store where you originally bought the item, and it will be replaced free of charge. If you do not have convenient access to the store, you may make an exchange with us. Please then return the defective product to us.
Please Note: This would be for a defective pair of sandals or belt and not a pair that has been "worn out" after many seasons of wear. If you request a repair on a very old pair of sandals or belt we will have to use our judgement as to whether or not it is possible. Repairing is often harder than making new product.

If sandals or belts were purchased at the Eliza B, Leather Man Ltd Online Store:
If you have bought sandals or other product with us online and they are defective, or break unnaturally, we will make you a new pair free of charge. An online order number is required.

If you want to return a product for a refund (credit to your original charge), we ask that you return with original order form or order number within 60 days. After that, you may receive in-store credit for future purchases.

If you ordered sandals or a belt with us and they are the wrong size, or you do not like they way they turned out…return them with a $9.50 check made out to "Leather Man Ltd." to cover shipping, and we will remake you a new pair of sandals or belt.

If we have made your product incorrectly, we will email you a pre-paid return label – and we will make your new product free of charge.

If you have ordered custom monogram sandals or a belt with us online, and it is too small, you may return them with a $30 check made out to "Leather Man Ltd." and we will remake it. If you have ordered monogram sandals or belt and they are too big, you may return them with a $9.50 check, since we can size the product down.

One Final Note On Returning Defective Sandals:
We occasionally receive sandals back that look like they have gone up and down the Appalachian trail 3 or 4 times. How long should a ribbon sandal last? We believe the answer is two to three seasons of occasional use. After that it’s over. They have done their job. In evaluating the condition of your sandals we try to be fair and are probably more lenient than we should be. In our judgment we will decide whether to repair, replace, offer a discount off a new pair or simply return to you.

The above sounds a little stern and unfriendly and in truth it is. We are frankly astonished with the audaciousness of some of our returns. On occasion it causes us to become crabby and distrustful. It is therefore appropriate for us to remind our selves that the overwhelming majority of our customers are kind hearted and fair minded. We are fortunate and grateful.

As always, Thank you for wearing our products!

Return Address:
Leather Man Ltd.
59 Plains Road
Essex, Conn. 06426
Attn: Linda L.

Leather Man Limited™ / Eliza B.™