1). I heard that your sandals run small.
Eliza B Sandals do run SMALL. Please order 1 size up from your sneaker size. If you wear a ½ size order up a size and a half, (8 orders a 9 and 81/2 orders a 10). The exception would be if you order a Wedge Sole…then you would order up the half size, (81/2 Wedge orders a 9).

2). Do the Leather Sandals run small as well?
Yes they do. Please follow the above directions, excluding the Wedge recommendations.

3). What about the Kid’s?
They run REALLY SMALL. Please order 2 sizes up from the whole size, (K-13 orders a K-2).

4). And what about for Guys?
The Men’s Sandals run true to size! Go figure!

5). What is a Peanut?
That is the oval piece of leather that has the Eliza B / Leather Man Logo on it! Cute!

6). What about the Toe Ribbon?
That is the piece of Ribbon that goes between your TOES!

7).What is a NP?
That is a No Peanut Ribbon Toe…which differs from the TOE RIBBON in that there is NO PEANUT involved. Attached to the NP will be a label that identifies it as either an Eliza B / Leather Man Product.

8). Are the Cork Wedges SOLID cork?
No silly…the wedges are veneered in cork. This keeps them light weight and soft, but does not comprise their beauty.

9). How high is the Wedge?
Just under 2” in the back. Perfect for those of us who are too lazy to hem pants…like me!

10). But I have a sandal that looks like it is wedged in the back….is that a wedge?
You are right! Our Regular Sole does have a slight wedge in the back, but it is NOT the Wedge. That’s what makes them comfortable and sets us apart from the competition.

11). But my daughter / son like a flat sandal….
Not to worry, order them the DRIFTER Sole. This sole automatically comes on all Kid’s Sandals, (sizes K-11 thru K-4) and in Adult sizes too.

12).My Sandals are dirty…Yuck!
You may put your sandals into the washing machine on delicate cycle / cool water / air dry, or the top shelf of your dishwasher / crystal setting only please.
This method only works if you have a Regular / Tan Peanut. We do not condone washing Patents or Metallic’s.
For these beauties you will have to use an old tooth brush w/ warm soapy water / air dry.

13).What does choose a Cotton Web mean, what about the accent ribbon? Tab and Buckle? HELP!
Cotton web is the webbed material that the Motif / accent ribbon gets sewn on to assemble your belt.
First you choose the color….like Khaki Cotton…then the motif….let’s go w/ the #8-Navy Code Flags….then you have the Tab option…you will see pictures of those…and finally the Buckle color, Brass or Silver. Voila you too can be a designer.

14).What size should I order for my new belt?
We suggest that you order 2” up from your pant size, (32 pants wears a 34 belt).
Mom’s please measure the waist band in your toddler’s pants for the accurate sizing.

15).But I wear an ODD size!
Not to worry…we do not think you’re odd. As all of our products are made to order right here in our factory…we do ODD sizes as well.
So all of you 33’s, 35’s and 37’s.etc out there…stand tall and proud.

16).You manufacture EVERYTHING in your FACTORY in the USA?
Yes!!!! Can you believe it? Right here in Essex, Ct.

Yes, everything.

18).Have I covered it all?
Probably not, but you will find additional product info through out our site and if you are really in a pickle, we may be reached @ 800-243-6681, Monday through Thursday 9am to 4:30pm EST and Fridays from 9am to 12pm.