A beautifully finished tab belt. The leather ends are made of North American Vegetable Tanned Leather. It is aniline dyed so some of the imperfections and irregularities of the leather show through. The edges are smoothed and buffed after which they are painted with an edge dye to perfectly match the leather. Brass buckle is classic harness, solid cast brass and hand buffed to give a subdued sheen. Carefully stitched onto heavy weight cotton web is the Norwalk Yacht Club custom ribbon.

Note! Men never get their belt size right. If you wear a size 36 pant, you have a 38” waist. Sorry about that. The pant manufacturers are playing with our delicate male egos. So if you wear a 36 pant, order a size 38 belt.

Children’s Sizing: is available. Cost is $4.00 less than Men’s. Oddly enough Children’s pants run closer to “true sizing” than men’s. Nevertheless it’s best to measure. A 28” belt will fit a 27.5” waist to a 30” waist.

Norwalk Yacht Club Leather Tab Belt

Norwalk Yacht Club Leather Tab Belt

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