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PLEASE NOTE: Once you place an order, you should receive your order in three weeks.
UNLESS you did a Ready to Ship sandal in which case it will be out our factory door and shipped in 3 business days!

We are different. We actually have to cut, sew and assemble the product that you have selected. Most times orders leave our Essex, Connecticut factory in two weeks. There are times of the year when it can take longer, but we usually don’t exceed three weeks.
Belts and rubber sandals are easy – should go out in two weeks. Monogramming, cork, and leather sandals take longer
There is an expediting service available. If you absolutely, positively must have your belts and or sandals in a big hurry give us a call at (800) 243-6681.
Accounting note. We do not bill your account until your order is placed on the USPS truck, however if you pay with a debit card the funds are reserved right away. And with PayPal the funds are immediately debited from your account that it is linked to.

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